Our People

When Dominion Diamond bought the Ekati mine in 2013, we made the decision to focus on local recruitment. Today, we employ more northerners and northern Aboriginal people than any other company in the Northwest Territories.

The Socio-Economic Agreement sets targets for northern and Aboriginal employment at the Ekati mine as a means of building capacity in the North and contributing to the economic well-being of northern people. There are many good reasons for building our northern workforce at the Ekati mine, including capacity building for northern people, and strengthening the local economy. Canada is also a low-risk jurisdiction compared to other locations globally.

We value the hard work and dedication of all employees, regardless of their roots. However, as guided by our values and the commitments we have made, our focus at the Ekati mine is on maintaining a predominantly northern workforce, with an emphasis on strong recruiting, good pay and benefits, excellent training, and creating a work environment where people can achieve personal growth and success.

A large proportion (approximately 40%) of Ekati’s workforce is made up of contractors. Although they are not direct employees of Dominion Diamond, they are treated with the same respect and are expected to uphold our values and Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. They participate in many of our employee programs, including health and safety, internal communications, and select training programs. We often collaborate with contractor management teams to support their employment practices and thereby contribute even further to the broader northern workforce.

Outside of Canada, India is where Dominion Diamond has its next largest group of employees. We continue to expand and transform our operations, spurred by changes in our diamond sorting activities. At year end, we employed 66 people at the Mumbai office, most of whom are involved in diamond sorting and valuation. While our core values remain the same wherever we operate, employment practices are tailored to the local context.

Note: Employees working at the Diavik mine are employed by DDMI, a wholly owned subsidiary of Rio Tinto and the operator of the Diavik Diamond Mine. Please see the Diavik Diamond Mine 2015 Sustainable Development Report for details about Diavik mine employee practices and performance.

2015 Performance Highlights

Comprehensive employment statistics are available in the Ekati Diamond Mine 2015 Socio-Economic Agreement Report, beginning on page 20.