Attracting and Retaining Employees

Dominion Diamond provides well-paying jobs with ongoing skills development. We strive to attract, retain, and engage diverse talent and give people support and opportunities to develop, thrive, and achieve their potential.


For the operations side of the business, we focus on hiring northerners and northern Aboriginal people, and on developing our existing employees. Our preferential hiring policy gives qualified IBA members, northern Aboriginal candidates and northern residents priority for Dominion Diamond jobs and contractor positions.

The company recruits locally through events like community recruitment drives and career fairs. We have also put in place initiatives to expand the mine’s employment candidate base and help northern residents gain skills and education for employment in the mining sector. For example:

  • We partner with the NWT Mine Training Society for the Mineral Processing Operator Trainee Program. The program starts with students attending Aurora College and finishes with a paid work placement at the Ekati mine.
  • At the Yellowknife Sizing and Valuation Facility, we opened a dedicated diamond training facility for people who have an interest in learning about diamonds and diamond valuation to improve their job prospects.
  • We offer scholarships and programs for youth, aimed at advancing their education and preparing them for northern jobs.

To fill specialized roles, the company sometimes uses targeted strategies to attract people to the North and encourage northern residency. This has entailed holding recruitment drives in regions where other mines are closing, as well as offering travel allowances and transition support so that new employees are set up for success and more likely to stay.


Dominion Diamond has a unique workplace in that mining employees generally work two-week, 12-hour shifts at the mine, followed by two weeks out. Round-trip flights are provided from numerous Aboriginal and regional communities. Creating conditions where people enjoy themselves and can flourish is essential for retaining them.

The starting point is a commitment to treat everyone with respect and dignity, as set out in our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. In addition, the company does not tolerate discrimination of any form, and we respect employees’ rights to join unions and engage in collective bargaining.

We offer employees:

  • A safe work environment
  • Good pay, healthcare benefits, and a pension plan
  • A variety of training and development programs
  • Robust internal communications, including regular town hall meetings, and live updates on our company portal and CCTV system
  • A commitment to equal opportunity and programs that support women in non-traditional roles
  • A variety of social, cultural, and wellness activities that support social, physical, and mental well-being

Since 2008, more than 510 people have celebrated 10 years or more of employment with the Ekati mine. Of that group, 262 have celebrated 15 years and seven have worked an incredible 20 or more years in the development and operation of the mine.


Our Mumbai operation hired 18 people in 2015 for our expanded diamond sorting and evaluation program. Due to the unique nature of sorting and evaluation we rely on four recruitment agencies and employee references to recruit new hires. After a series of interviews, selected candidates take a practical/technical test to evaluate their potential aptitude and skill as sorters. If they subsequently pass all background checks, they are hired on as trainees under probation. Our corporate training team developed a comprehensive program during the year to equip both new and existing staff to take on new responsibilities.