Developing Our People

Dominion Diamond is strongly committed to enhancing employees’ skills and encouraging professional development in ways that drive personal growth and success, and are beneficial to our business and the North. Here are some examples:

  • Strengthening the northern and Aboriginal leadership in our company is a priority. We have a robust program for working with our Aboriginal employees to provide the training needed for positions of higher responsibility within the company.
  • Apprenticeship programs help northern residents gain the skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience needed to excel in their path toward journeyperson status. The Ekati mine offers apprenticeships in the areas of carpentry, millwrighting, plumbing, mobile crane operation, machining, electrical, warehousing and parts, and process control and instrumentation. Further apprenticeships are offered by our contractor partners in parts, welding, and mechanics. In 2015, we had 52 apprenticeship positions at the mine, of which 19 were offered by Dominion Diamond and the remainder by contractors.
  • In 2015, our training department updated the cross-cultural awareness training provided to each new member of our workforce. With the support of the GNWT, which generously permitted Dominion Diamond to use videos from its own training modules, the computer-based module educates participants on the heritage, culture, and values relevant to the area in which we operate. In addition to formal training, staff participate in cultural experiences intended to augment the computer modules. In 2015, members of our leadership team attended a Handgames tournament in Behchoko and select employees took part in the annual Tłı̨chǫ canoe journey.
  • The 17th Annual Territorial Skills Competition, held in Yellowknife, saw eight competitors from the Ekati mine receive gold, silver or bronze medals in the millwright, electrical, plumbing, heavy equipment mechanics, and welding categories. The one-day event provided an opportunity for our apprentices to test their skills against competitors from across the North. Participation was based on merit and good performance. Dominion Diamond was a major sponsor of the 2015 competition as part of our five-year commitment to Skills Canada NWT.
  • In 2015, we offered 18 summer student positions to give young people hands-on experience in different departments across the organization. Our preferential hiring policy means that summer students are often northern or northern Aboriginal people. Many return for two or more summers, allowing them to expand and apply their skills sets while deepening their understanding of the diamond mining business.
  • The Mine Training Society (MTS) is an independent training organization that evaluates, trains, mentors, and places northerners in mining and mining-related jobs. Through partners like Dominion Diamond and the GNWT, the MTS has provided over 1,900 individual northerners with training or career counselling. Additionally, it has facilitated employment to 1,199 individuals, representing 5% of the employed labour force in the Northwest Territories. Four MTS students were placed in underground practicum positions at Dominion Diamond in 2015.

Skill level of northern employees and contractors

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